Wiring with Small Bead Holes

Step 1: With your .06 wire, string the bead straight from the spool to minimise wire waste. I leave about less than an inch of wire above then grasp the wire with your round nose pliers and then bend it. Make a loop and wrap the tail wire once around the stem, just enough to secure, you’ll be wrapping wire around this later. Cut as close to the stem as possible.

Step 2: Push the bead to the finished loop to start on the other end. Position the tip of the pliers at the base of the wire then bend. Repeat step 1, this time wrapping the wire around the stem twice.

Step 3: Bring the wire to the opposite end with a slight cascade as part of the design.

Step 4: Start wrapping the wire stem with the wire tail from the base, or closest to the bead. Cover the wrap you did from Step 1, this would take 2-3 wraps.

Step 5: Trim the wire as close as you can. Press any excess, protruding wire ends to the wire wrap               so it won’t snag skin or cloth.